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Competition Rules.

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1.Competitors must be fully paid up members of the Club.
2.These rules apply to Print and Digitally Projected Image (DPI) Competitions.
3.In the Quarterly competitions, images may be entered in the following categories:
 (a) Monochrome Prints.
(b) Colour Prints.
(c) Digitally Projected Images (DPIs)
4.No more than TWO images may be entered in each category.
5.An individual image may only be entered in one Quarterly and one Print and DPI of the Year Competition. An image previously used in Club competitions cannot be re entered in a different category (e.g. print or slide as a DPI).
6.In set subject competitions, all images must be of the subject.
7.Images may be used in other competitions such as Battles, Knockouts, Sheila Briggs, Dick Drake Trophy etc, in addition to the Quarterly and Print and DPI of the Year Competitions.
8.Photographers must own the copyright of every element of the image – Clip Art, Copyright Free material and Fractals are not acceptable.
9.For the four Quarterly Competitions the following points system will operate:
First:12 points.
Second: 9 points.
Third: 7 points.
Highly Commended: 5 points.
Commended: 3 points.
Merit: 1 point.
10. Both monochrome and colour prints may be trade processed.
11. Monochrome prints must comply with the current WCPF definition of ‘monochrome’.
12. Prints may be any size up to and including 50 cm x 40 cm.
13. Prints must be mounted on 50 cm x 40 cm card and the name of the photographer and the title clearly shown on the back. Prints must be accompanied by 1400 x 1050 DPIs of the final printed image.
14. DPIs will be projected in a landscape format of 1400 pixels by 1050 pixels. Images must therefore have a landscape dimension no more than 1400 pixels wide x 1050 high. Portrait images should be no larger than 1050 pixels high.
15. DPI files must be named using a short title followed by an underscore (_) then your name e.g. The Tree_John Smith.
The only characters allowed are the letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9 and spaces.
The underscore can only be used before your name.
Please do not use any other symbols on your keyboard when titling your files.
16. DPI files must be jpeg maximum quality. The colour space used for projection is sRGB.
17. Your entry must be submitted on a CD-R or pen drive with your name printed on the top face. Pen drives are preferred with two folders: one for DPIs and one DPIs of Prints. Pen drives must only contain the images for the current competition.
18. BCC reserves the right to use images submitted (without fee) from any of the club events (competitions, battles, exhibitions) for use in promoting BCC events including use on the website.

Dated: February 2014.